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Spin The Orange

Welcome to Spin The Orange. Create and take challenges to get the ultimate bragging rights! Check out the Spin The Orange AndroidTM app - available to download now from the Google Play Store. Also available now: the Spin The Orange board game!

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Once you have installed the app on your Android device, Spin The Orange lets you create, share and take part in challenges. Just use your Facebook info to log into the Spin The Orange app and away you go! Create a challenge, invite your friends to have a go at a challenge or have a go at a challenge yourself.

Google Play Store logo Spin The Orange is free to download from the Google play store. It is completely free to use and offers no in-app purchases.


"Love being able to watch friends have a go at my challenges. Just waiting for some of them to beat me now" Paul, North West

"Great idea for an app, easy to use" Steve, North West


Android Robot Get it now! Download to your Android device, then just login using your Facebook details and off you go!
Download now!


It's really easy to upload a video that shows you having a go at a challenge. Take a video from within the app, or upload one already stored on your phone.


Once you've created a challenge, invite your friends to have a go. Or why not have a go at beating your friends by having a go at their challenges?


Don't forget to upload your failures as well. We're sure you know lots of people who would love to see you having a go, and falling flat on your face!


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Spin the Orange app
Get challenging

Spin The Orange is really easy to use. Download from the store, and away you go!

Login with your Facebook details, and you can get started straight away.

No 1 winners trophy
Aim For Number 1!

Have a go at challenges and see if you can become number 1 in the world! Not quite the same as a world record, but close.

Give it a go!

Why not try some challenges yourself? See if you can throw a paper aeroplane the furthest, spin a dice for the longest, or do more potato keepy uppies than anyone else...

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Have a look at our Facebook page, for news, updates and highlights from the challenges. Look us up on Twitter as well.